Rain, some broken clouds

Vinyards rain

More rain as we continued our drive. For a while, with vineyards.

Rain swollen rivers

With rain rain rain, comes swollen rivers, irrigation canals, and ditches.

Robin Williams tunnel

Dry in this tunnel. Named to honor Robin Williams.


Wow! Big bridge! Clearing sky!

Little boxes

Little boxes. North of Daly City.

1951 Whirlwind rack MIT

Computers! A whole museum of them! I give you just one: a 1951 Whirlwind rack, MIT (the label said; I assume it’s correct!).

Apple donut

The giant, new Apple doughnut-building, side view. No entrance for civilians.

Apple VC

Instead, we can visit the roof of this “visitor center” aka Apple Store +. Note that the fancy white stone flooring (manufactured, polished quartz?) around the VC under the wide overhang, which is good for controlling sunlight/sun-heat, that stone paving is slippery when wet. Like today. On the order of a dozen security/employees were stationed outdoors under the overhang to remind people to be careful. Since I took my daily 30-minute walk circling the building over and over, I was reminded several times, then took to walking on the pebbly surface (not slippery) under the shrubby trees, as the rain was slacking off…. [I think the shrubby trees are Russian olives….] I’m all about form, function, and aesthetics, and the VC building was lovely. But. Slippery flooring? Hrrrumph. Also, the glass sandwiches making the railing for the rooftop viewing area: made in Dubai, and whoops in the Cali weather they expanded and had to be heated/dried (!!!) before they could fit together and be assembled properly. Heh.

Fresas fields

Fine sunset over strawberry fields. They fumigate (gas) under the plastic; not at all green or friendly to Ma Earth…a good reason to buy organic berries. We saw two rainbows today…no photos of one, lousy ones of the other. Imagine.

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