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Groc orchid

In the middle of watching another wonderful documentary, totally different from “Chasing Coral“—watch it if you haven’t already.

Today’s is “Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin.” I remember the covers of her novels from the early Earthsea titles, the Hainish Cycle titles, and more, but I don’t remember reading a single one. Embarrassing. Time to track down several and inhale-read.

UKL had something in common with President Obama—both had one parent who was an anthropologist. Not too smug, am I? 😀

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I read (and re-read) the entire Earthsea cycle earlier this year (there were only 3 when I first read it). Then I read “The Left Hand of Darkness”, which is supposedly #4 in the Hainish “cycle” but UKL herself says there isn’t any order to the Hainish so I just jumped in (I had read something about the book that particularly intrigued me). I love her books and what she says about them and will be reading more of the Hainish. Need to check out the documentary!

    Enchiladas tonight here at the moomincabin with a sizeable number of guests. Fun times.