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Laketon house upper window

This is an upper window from the only remaining old house in Laketon.

Danaher crossing

This crossing was the center of a community called Danaher. No old structures remain based on cursory examination from this road. The low ground beyond the railroad is the Tahquamenon Swamp. The railroad runs along the south side of the swamp for quite a ways, at least ~20 miles from east of Newberry to west of Danaher. It doesn’t get much use nowadays, but I remember Mom discussing the complex train ticket to get from northern Ohio to the McMillan station (just east of Laketon). I assume she (or whomever did that trip…her father?) sent a telegram to indicate someone needed to meet her at the station? Such a trip would have included a ferry crossing of the straits…either on foot or on a RR carriage. Much I don’t know….

Bolete from low

No flower today. I tried to get a low, low shot to tell if this is a bolete. No such luck. Still, I think it is. Something’s been eating it from the top…insects?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I love that pic from Laketon. Will have to visit that location some day. Diaries that my grandfather and others in his generation left have talked about train travel (not the trip your mom talked about) in that era. They also took steamships to Toronto. Bolete is not the same as Bolette, my step-grandmother (pronounced [by us] beLETa (first e would be a schwa)) but it reminded me of her.