Naventure Day

Fog in orchard

Ah, fog in the orchard…

Fog elsewhere

As we drove (we left early), it became fog just about everywhere that was low.

Fern sun

However, when we left the trailhead and moseyed through the woods, no fog.

Chapel Falls

Chapel Falls. This is just the top from above. Video captures it best…[pan; water-roar].

Fern fungi

Previous years we might have called this loop Biting-Insects Trail. Today it was Fun Guy Trail. I am sparing you the other sixty-seven types of Fun Guys we photographed.

Grand portal

Legendary Grand Portal. Yes, the rock has caved in. Still stupendous. Sometime I may see it from the water.

Paddle boarder

However, I will not do it as a paddle boarder. Kayaker, perhaps. From a commercial tour boat, perhaps.

Basswood leaves

The Botanist had several plants he singled out in the shoreline habitat. Basswood was one. Extremely large and distinctive leaves.

Also note: 30K steps, 11.6 miles of oft rooty and muddy trail (with gorgeous views).

I’m withholding comment on the doings in DC; we seem to be starting a new chapter, as the saying goes.

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