Age issues

Hoka newness

We allocated our 20%-off-one-full-price-item coupon from REI to new shoes for me. I wanted a great pair to get my exercise on sidewalks in—the urban Thang. I was assured these Hoka shoes would be like walking on clouds! And a tad pricey, so: perfect for the coupon. Soon, I walked three miles in them and I would say: clouds. Wonderful. Like nothing I’ve ever worn. [Bonus: Foot happy!]

Alley junque

Here’s old to go with the new above. I traipsed off in an alley (wearing the Hokas) that’s more of a drainage lined with cobblestones (but still technically public), and found this apparent abandonment scenario. I couldn’t even figure out what the yellow/red/white vehicle was: pickup? van? After snapping this quick digital record, I left the mystery…to be (quietly) mysterious.

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