Chatty today

Ibeam art

I feel compelled to look up when I visit this sculpture. Sorry to say, I’ve never looked for the artist’s name and the name of the piece.

I just checked GooMaps, and it’s not there. Aha, cleverness…new angle of attack. Success! The BeltLine website indicates it’s Tim Frank’s “Angier Spring Monumental Work,” commissioned for this location and installed in 2017.

Turtle show

No Canada geese are nesting this year at this floodwater catchment pond. The turtles are flourishing, however (on sloping rock, and elsewhere in the sun and out of the water).

A couple had brought bread and were throwing chunks at a pair of mallards. I’m guessing the turtles will eat later, after they are thoroughly warmed. I did see bread bits floating elsewhere in the water, with schools of minnows chowing down in radial formation around each piece.

Under bridge view

Arrrgh. Lousy exposure. Next time. Nice to have deep shade; temp today reached 76°F.

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