Jack is back?


I don’t know if you remember the series of pictures of the jack-in-the-pulpit that grew out of nowhere in my unattended flower bed in the back yard in May through July of last year. I first noted its distinctive look in mid-May. By June, the leaves were yellowing and it was well into its reproductive activities. By early-mid July, the fruiting bodies were beginning to turn bright read, and within a few days most had fallen from the spadix. Now, the cycle continues. Even the cold weather we’ve had lately has only temporarily wilted this vigorous and fun plant from time to time.

Or, at least, this leafy plant is growing in the very same spot, so I assume it’s (the very same) jack-in-the-pulpit….

One comment

  1. Janet Van Fleet says:

    I don’t think that’s a Jack… they have leaves in groups of three; sometimes I mistake them for trillium.