Image day

Lake view

Much of today became about images to me. Our day dawned without dawn, just a lightening that followed rain in darkness. That’s Lake Superior, our witness throughout most of today’s adventures.

Patella xray

This is today’s most image-y image. That’s my patella, upper right, and I am told I have loose knees. One has been ailing, got a shot, and I think at least temporary recovery is in sight.

Thunder bay inn

Recently, I got my book club to read “Anatomy of a Murder” and see the movie. This is the tavern were the movie scenes were shot. It was a wing built onto the hotel for the shooting of the movie in 1959. The book is based on a real murder that happened in this town.

The stuffed peacock upper right is a nod to the present owners, the Peacock family. No peacock was on the menu.

Lighthouse BnB

You can stay at this lighthouse B&B. Prepare for a windy time.

Autumn maple

The sun was out (briefly) as we toured by this stunning maple.

Mushroom beach

Then we found what we called mushroom beach. Mushrooms peppered the forest floor under the (planted pines) and we even found them among the (planted) beach grasses.

Active ore dock

This is an active ore dock just north of Marquette proper, and quiet today. Last time we visited, there was an ore carrier docked but no loading happening.

Happy forks

We had a most excellent meal. The cheesecake with marinated cherries did not last….


And, then, appropriately in our rearview mirror, sunset….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Love it all except the knee but hoping for improvement there.