Curva Kelp

Brad Howe, Curva Kelp

I liked this piece, but I didn’t think the location highlighted it very well. It was over a little pool in the conservatory, but the opening just wasn’t big enough.

I looked at it for quite a while before I saw the sinuous shape of the top bars. I guess that was the “Curva” part. To me, it just looked flat against all the vegetation.

The word kelp makes me think of the long strands pushed back and forth by the waves. I couldn’t relate that to this piece based on shape, but the blue kinda worked to evoke tropical waters.

Although you can’t see it in these pictures, some of the parts were irregular, dark and circular and rectangular, so all the pieces aren’t as predictable as they seem to be from these images. That made it more interesting.

Plus, there’s been a turtle living in the pool below for quite a while. I looked and looked for her/him and couldn’t find the turtle outline among all the leaf litter, etc., in the bottom. I was lucky that a sharp-eyed kid found him/her and pointed him/her out to me!