Morpho Tower

Sachiko Kodama, Morpho Tower

Morpho Tower was by far the smallest piece in the show. And I got crappy pictures of it! None of ’em do it justice!

I think video would have been better. Also, the piece was just a bit crowded in among the xeric Madagascar plants.

The spindle turns and the spiky things jut out and ease back in. This disrupts the water. The spiky things don’t all extend the same distance; it varies with how far up the spindle they are. The extend only a teeny bit at the top.

The wide, heavy ceramic bowl balances the spiky parts and anchors the whole piece quite well. I liked it for itself, too. Again, crappy photos. Sorry.

I liked the organic colors Kodama selected. They contrasted with the mechanical movement of the rotating spindle and its extending and retracting spiky parts.