Two Lines Oblique

George Rickey, Two Lines Oblique, Atlanta, 1969

I liked the spiky arms of this mobile, but I never got a good angle on it for photography. The arms were pretty active, which surprises me because they are so narrow I expected that they wouldn’t catch the wind very well, since they have so little resistance. Instead, they must be exceedingly well balanced, with very efficient bearings, or whatever the engineering is that allows them to twist and spin.

I did have two chances to photograph this, well, three really: coming and going, plus from inside the garden. I expected to do a better job when we were leaving, but, oops, right then the flash card on the camera was full!

This sculpture was by far the largest, in terms of span, of any in this show. Somehow, in this setting it seemed a bit crowded, unfortunately. I would have liked to have watched it without so much witness-vegetation.