Searound and Dragon

Susan Pascal Beran, Searound, Starburst II E.N. and Wind and Water Dragon III

I could not figure out how to get a good photo of these two. Their size and color didn’t pop against the background and they were somewhat lost in this formal round water feature.

The two pieces, with quite different shapes and visual weights, were united by having similar glass decorative tops (what’s a better word?).

I really liked the piece with the slanting trays encircling it. They have colors on them that are eye-catching, just lovely. In fact, I wanted to dive into those colors. I found them rich and enticing. I loved how they melded together, like the colors do on marble endpapers in old or handmade books. I do not know enough about art supplies and paints to know if they are some normal or standard pigment or if they are something unusual.

The glass topper is spectacular, too. I loved the embedded bubbles and the whole shape. Along with the coppery encircling spirals, I found this piece quite compelling.

Good thing I didn’t check and see if it was for sale!