Masdevallia Extravaganza

Kristina Lucas, Masdevallia Extravaganza

For me, I found it most exciting to closely examine this piece. I watched it I think longer than any other.

When we arrived, there was little sunshine, yet I still found the tableau of nearly clear glass interesting. When we walked back by perhaps fifteen minutes later, the sun was out and all the color popped out on the individual pieces.

I could not imagine what patience it took to string all the triangles (actually, right triangles with curved hypotenuses, mostly), and to keep the strings from clumping together. I found all the apparatus for suspending the glass was nearly as interesting as the piece.

I also liked how the vegetation edged into the piece. Indeed, the greenness and irregular plant-shapes highlighted the artificiality of the artwork in a nice way. I tend to like organic shapes and colors, but this piece transcended that for me….