Little bee, big bee

Yellow bee flower

Today, I found a few bees…one hiding in this yellow bloom…

Bee flower

…and one strolling about on this pink fleur.

Obscure one and two

Unknown flower spike

Did a family walk this morning, and escaped the threat of raindrops, against the odds. We found these flower spikes; I do not know what they are, but am attracted to the range of colors related to white, green, and grey-purple.

Foggy tall midtown

Late in the afternoon, we discovered that the tops of Midtown buildings were…obscured. We returned home safely, despite street after street of traffic.

Leaf-counting games

Leaves three kudzu

I just want to note that “leaves of three” sometimes is kudzu (say: kooood-zoooo), which causes no dermatological upset (that I am aware of).

Lasagne layers

Speaking (writing?) of leaves, this is my invented spinach lasagne with bison meat-sauce, and cheese. Made a small container of a non-spinach version for the Vitamin-K-sensitive among us.

Time in petals

Mini petals

Plants sometimes offer us a chance to see a same-time time-lapse. Here are the petals just emerging from the flower-center.

Petaled out

And, here on the next plant, the petals have grown out already!

This musing brought to you by a stroll to the library.


Sweet pea of ATL

I don’t remember seeing sweet peas in ATL before…so exciting. But most of the plant had moved beyond blooms and was festooned with pods.

Yucca branch

This is some kind of yucca, I’m guessing a landscaping variant. The whole spike was in bloom, but not photogenic, so you just get a side branch.

The rain really had passed by the time I got going, and the plants looked so fresh and the air smelled fine, but the gardenia notes had temporarily disappeared.

Progress is orange

G fibers coming

I came around a corner on my neighborhood wander and was eyeball to…whatever with a giant orange roll of tubing. The Guru says this will carry Giggle (not its real name) fiber. Wonder when they’ll turn it on.

We are lucky

Gardenia n buds

Superbly nice spring day, very cool, especially after temps up to the 80s earlier this week. That got Mr. Window-man fired up (I think the coolness was the trigger), and he opened windows here and there, and a nice breeze wafted through the house…bringing the lovely scent of the front-garden gardenias throughout all rooms.

Great sky

Mirror helmet

Not sure why the rider would choose a mirror helmet, but it is fun for those in the vehicle behind waiting for the light to change.

Undersized lighting fixture

I liked the lines of this building, but thought the columns a bit small in diameter, and the lighting fixture a bit…light for the overall aesthetics. Maybe that’s me, however….

Sweat bee?

Rosa roja

I think of the “natural” color of a rose as light pink. However, strong colors like this red are fetching….

Big news


The gardenias are blooming! [Sorry that you have to imagine its heavy scent.]