Archive for February 29th, 2008

Public appearances

Hey, this was the closest I could come to the “name in lights” theme from our archive of personal photos….

Today’s theme: friends making splashes (aka excellent adventures!)….

First, last night. Rey was on Jeopardy. Came in second! From all I hear, when you’re up, the key wrinkle is more the button to ring in than anything else—the limiting factor certainly is not what you know.

And this morning: Nancy figured out that a White House PR person (“senior White House aide”) had plagiarized, and not at all subtly, and broke the story on her blog. 235 comments as of this post. And more plagiarism uncovered. So far, the White House response is disappointment. Elsewhere, comments are already up on the Washington Post page and I understand the issue has been mentioned in the Situation Room. And, of course, JCB has commented extensively, wisely, and with erudition….

KUDOS to Rey and Nancy!