Klingon biker, etc.


I adventured against type today, and attended the Dragon*Con 2008 parade downtown. What a terrific amount of joy and ingenuity we saw from our perch on a decorative architectural ledge! I loved these box costumes! I often find more-with-less is inspiring.

One costume element I found icky-gross: a woman’s mask made from a cow pelvis (I think; it was certainly real bone).

Celebrity sightings: we saw Adam West in a Batmobile talking on a red batphone (or faking same) and waving to the crowd. James, while attending his comics vending table, saw Kevin Sorbo.

Morphological similarities?


Yes, I know this is dill….

On more than one occasion, I have thought that Mark Bittman has made an astute observation about food and flavors and cooking.

I don’t get this, though. He says “at a quick glance” lavender and rosemary “resemble each other”.

NOT! (says The Botanist’s daughter…)