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Watching wildlife v. 23815


My day was filled with Chores, which may be dreaded but are Very Important.

So, lacking a picture from today, I reach back nearly two weeks to show you a Odocoileus virginianus buddy (actually with friends, or, more likely, family), visiting the side yard Up North (sorry for the phrasing, but it’s common, and commonly understood to boot, so I bow to the popularity factor…).

Now, of course, I’m Here In The City, and enjoying an evening With Relatives, which is a very fine and happy thing.

For tonight, Over and Out.

Please excuse the excess of capitals, but we recently traveled through rural areas, where capitals are Emphatic, or at least…um…trotted out from the signage Bag-O-Tricks, and my Sense-O-Capital-Meter is outta-whack!

Plus, it’s been windy since early this aft and I’m discombobulated!