Ya got me

Northern maidenhair fern

D and I agreed we know this as a maidenhair fern. Wikipee lists dozens in the maidenhair genus, from around the world. Seems like this one is probably a Northern Maidenhair Fern, alternately Five-Fingered Fern. HOWEVER, photos on reputable botanical websites don’t all show this arc of fern-leaves that seem quite diagnostic to me on plants identified to this species. Ah, in-species plant variation….

I find this pattern utterly eye-catching.

I tromped to the “bottom” of Cloudland Canyon today, then did a stretch of the West Rim Trail—and back in both cases. Fitbit gave me a stunning 108 floors climbed (about 8 and a smidge feet of ascent each) and a confusing 0.0 (that is, zero) minutes of being “very active.” Hrrrumph.