Making tracks

Lucca lightening

Lightning-struck tree atop Lucca’s fortification-wall. Trees line the walkway, and we enjoyed their shade very much.

Back up on the city wall to enjoy our last hours in Lucca. Loving this town. We see locals going about their business, women wheeling shopping carts, moms and kids, businessmen in sharply pressed suits, family groups moseying about…. There are tourists, of course, but except for certain times and places, they navigate amidst daily life.

And Lucca is Puccini-town! For you opera-lovers….

Lucca wall artifacts

Several places along the wall, where repeated footsteps killed the grass, we could see a good density of broken pottery and building material fragments. I suspect the upper layer is recent re-sculpting, but I cannot tell where they got the fill to even up the wall-top. Still, my sherd-eyes spotted plenty; I left all in the dust….

Vernazza harbor sunset

Three train rides, the longest in first class (!!! only one euro more!!!), and we have relocated to the Cinque Terre (sometimes Cinqueterre), staying in Vernazza, at our niece’s recommendation. We strolled up along the footpath that leads to the next town north, but only a bit, to catch the fading light. (This pano distorts, but I rather like it.) In the old days, the only way to get between the five coastal towns was via boat or footpath. Now there’s the train, which almost entirely travels in tunnels; Italian engineers love tunnels.