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Solstice substitutes

Paint splash

Here, the solstice was…gloomy. So I give you recent photos (from Tuesday)…

Stone moss

…and from Monday.

Eat dirt?

Coconut ash choc bar

In the house where I grew up, ash was categorized with dirt as far as edibles, I’m pretty sure.

Yet, this is a high-end chocolate bar.

Inner NW Athens

Watertower of Athens

We made a post-luncheon wander in a neighborhood (rather) far away…many different sights, like this watertower…

Nandina window

…and this nandina-framed window.

Reality in historical fiction series TV

Foggy trees

Misty this morning. I think a character said that phrase on the first episode of “The Crown.” That’s what we started binge-watching. And not because we also had a misty morning.

Pelican art

I couldn’t take a better picture (get a better angle) on this yard-art unless I stepped in the flower bed. So this is my offering.

I took advantage of the morning fog and grabbed my walking sticks and headed out, looking for a bit more up-and-down than I’ve been doing…to work just a bit on endurance. Of course, any work constitutes making progress for me these days.

Where are the turtles?

Hist 4th ward

We struck out for new territory…re-visiting a long-ago*-favorite walking spot, this relatively new park at what once was Ponce Springs, and now has new apartment blocks framing it. We dodged raindrops…and saw only one pair of mallards…and no turtles.

Grt blue tracks

We did see evidence (I’m pretty sure of this) of an earlier visit by a GreatBlue…but s/he’d made tracks. Harharhar.

*Long-ago meaning before TheFootThing. [several beats] Also, the unstated subhead of this may well be: “I took blood from a snake.” Not my words, but reported to be those of TheVeterinarian.

Gauging the elephants

Red berries

I was getting ready to walk, and checked the out-the-window weather…hmm, temps about the same as yesterday, sunniness about the same…wind? Nope, not today! I skipped one layer I wore yesterday, and I made the right choice! Poi-fect!

Rhodo bud!

Rhodo bud

I futzed around getting ready for my walk. I checked the temp and thought sunny and low 40s, hmm, I’ll try my long-sleeved inner layer with a t-shirt top. Then I stepped outside. Ooops. My visual inspection didn’t identify the wind.

I slipped back indoors and added my fleece.

Smart move. It really didn’t feel very warm until I’d been striding for a while and was on a stretch where buildings and topography blocked the wind. Then, I had to drop the fleece off my shoulders!

And despite our recent bud-nipping temps (and the S), this rhododendron (in a sheltered location) is pushing out new, healthy buds!

Decatur outing

Reading frog

Working through our errands we found this huge verdigris-covered frog reading a tale.

Decatur Celebration Gary Price

And this joyful statue in Decatur’s public square/plaza. It’s called “Celebration” and is by Gary Price.

In B&W

Cookie dino

Is the dino a defender and intimidator? Is that why it was chosen to be a cookie-jar character?

Venetian shadow

Winter shadows…. These images are not quite real B&W, but there’s a lot of B&W essence…maybe I’m influenced by the snow day we had recently…and that’s why these were attractive today. When the colors are back in MaNachur-land.

Covered vs cute

Oregano snow

This morning the oregano was partly covered by the S, but this afternoon, not so much. Temps are up(ish) now, but will be dropping a bit again later in the week.

Coffeepot birdhouse

I spotted this and thought it was an artsy coffeepot birdhouse. But I’m human. A bird might think this is an architectural abomination, and flit on to another location for nesting.