Watching and watching

A major milestone, really mile-bridge: crossing The Big Mac. Which we called it before that burger got the name.

I fussed about how big the line would be at the toll plaza, but, zip. Or maybe a half-dozen vehicles. At other times we’ve waited as much as 20 minutes. Also, the maintenance crews that usually block one lane were not working. Lovely traffic flow!

However, in the middle of nowhere—almost, really the west edge of Naubinway, no traffic getting through east or west. Never did figure out what had happened. No trash on the road, no crushed vehicles, no ambulances.

Where we were stopped, we watched a little drama play out. Someone driving a pickup pulling perhaps a 30-foot travel trailer decided to turn around to escape the halted line. He was particularly unskilled. Someone got him back into traffic the first time he tried to back the trailer up. But five minutes later he tried to make a u-turn forward. The pickup ended up across the deep-ish ditch, with the rear wheels in the deepest part of the ditch, all wheels turning with no purchase, and the front end of the trailer laying on the gravel road-side, and some of the plastic plumbing flopping loose. Scratch one expensive travel trailer.

So glad to be at the cottage. Lake very placid. Expecting overnight lows in the upper 50s. Also, there’s been rain since we left, so plants are back to green.