Night light

My favorite parts of the day are the transitions at dawn and dusk. If sunlight fuels our lives on this planet (well, along with oxygen, water, the CHON chemicals), then moonlight may well fuel our souls.

Rotting snow

I’m quite happy living in Atlanta where I do not see banks of rotting snow, depressingly grey (the most unattractive grey imaginable), with the texture of decay, and the charm of an unaged buffalo chip. Remnant snowbanks just do not happen in Atlanta, at least in these days of global warming (perhaps it was different during the Little Ice Age).

Atlanta (and Georgia in general) does have its drawbacks. I’m thinking excessive humidity (I’ve seen oiled wood kitchen cupboards turn green with mold provoked not by poor housecleaning, but by their presence in an unairconditioned house), chiggers (the worst thing about fieldwork), rattlesnakes and copperheads, and assorted closed-minded staunch fundamentalists, rednecks, and Republicans.

Of course, some of the latter bunch crop up most places in our fine nation.