Phillips School

On a day when I could be blahging on yogurt ecology or lucha libre and masked fighters in Mexico, let me take you back to country schools in township and range country….

When I started school, it was the first year the consolidated elementary school was open, so I never attended the two-room schoolhouse down at the corner. We did, however, play in the cemetery right behind it, especially climbing the majestic maples that lined the street.

Later, I was in the first class to spend an entire year in the new Junior High, a sprawling one-story building that separated the younger kids from the High School kids for the first time. Having all of us together stuffed the old three-story HS to overflowing, literally. I remember scrambling down the steps during snow storms and when they were icy to attend study hall in the band room and art classes across the street. Oh fun!

Remember Phillips School Kel? Gord? Shan? Did it originally have a cupola anything like this?