News of the day here: while we were gone, nefarious characters using computers in Turkey hacked our server, and tens of thousands of others. Thanks to Herculean efforts by our stalwart web guys (and hours spent being Herculean), we’re back online, more secure and updated than before. Kudos for all these efforts, and many others, that keep us online and functioning (usually) so seamlessly!

Now, this, the photo? Ah, that’s a hot plate!—spotted in the window of a decorate-it-yourself ceramics shop in Virginia-Highland.

And, it is hot! Here, in Kentucky on the houseboat, everywhere nearby. I’m not looking forward to the day, hour, or minute, when we get hit by the rolling blackouts, whether it’s this year or in the years to come. Maybe I’ll try to spend longer in the UP (a la Mouse’s Moom), to avoid them….