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Lost days

Although I thought having wifi at the Botanist’s bedside would mean that I could keep up this blahg, I was wrong (naïve, not really thinking, you name it!). So, the Botanist came home midday on Friday, and, wheee!, I’ve finally found time to scratch out a few words, and take a new photo. This farm seems like thousands in Michigan I’ve seen over the years, complete with muddy patches in the pasture, huge pieces of machinery peeking out of barns, and looming silos. (Regrettably, the latter often bring to my mind the lyric “Shiloh, when I was young….�?) Note how the fall color has begun to paint the trees….

The Botanist’s recovery has been amazing, although he won’t be allowed to drive for 3-4 weeks, a credit mostly to his overall health prior to the surgery (and that it was elective, and not an emergency procedure), and, I’m sure, his surgical team, headed by the perfectionist (always a good thing in a surgeon) Dr. Scott Johnson, who did his undergrad work at Emory, so he feels a bit like a neighbor who moved away.

New vocabulary: 4×4 (a size of gauze pad, not a vehicle or timber); SF (salt-free, applied to food); sinus rhythm (you want this for your heart, but Dad’s slipped out and back in twice); Pacerone (a medication that, if I have it right, helps keeps your heart in sinus rhythm)…well, that’s enough….

Bouquet 2me!

Giving myself flowers today….

Jet trails

This was my post-sunset reward, as I headed up for my second visit of the day to the hospital. He’s out of ICU, and everything’s looking good. But keep your fingers crossed….

Tree view

I come out of the hospital to find lovely afternoons (sometimes), but this is the view southeast from the garden across the cornfield to the tree on the hill.

Surgery day

Here’s the Botanist before surgery, talking to Mom. Final report of the day, going very well, thankfully.

Capitol view

Predictably, taking a photo while piloting a vehicle during rush hour traffic at dusk yields poor-quality images. Here’s the Michigan Capitol, view to west down Michigan Avenue. Such as it is!

Hospital paper trail

I am mystified. I have discovered a major modern US hospital is using piles of clipboards and carbon(-like) paper. Where’s the high-tech? I sure hope it’s in the surgery rooms!

Embodied? Charted?

I’ve been thinking about history lately, but not so much history embodied by artifacts, but history charted by individual lives.

Downtown Okolona

(See yesterday’s entry.) Now, this is a quintessential Ohio visual. And on such a gorgeous fall day!