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Cold(ish) arrives

Winterish weather is finally upon us. We enjoyed a fine walk in midday sun (errands—cruising DVDs at Movies Worth Seeing, and a quick visit to our county library branch), although temps were only barely in the mid-50s. Lots of folks were out managing leaves, or left evidence of same (leafless lawns, tall bags of organic matter by the curb).

I was surprised to find this glorious clematis surviving the cold, perfectly highlighted by the sun’s oblique winter angle, but I think that’s just my ignorance of the broad range of tolerance clematis has….

PS The WSJ reports that Nicholas Negroponte’s program One Laptop Per Child has had 45,000 buyers since sales opened on 12 November, and that they’ve extended the buying period through the end of the year. My guess is that the orders won’t top 100K at this rate, since almost half the sales came the first day. The story gives background I haven’t seen elsewhere about other inexpensive laptops in development by other manufacturers. I don’t know if that is good or bad.