New feet!


See our new bat-room floor—pre-grouting?

My dear, dear friend KW is not the only one with new sandals this fall. I know KW is not a Keen fan, but I love them. I don’t like their normal prices, but I got these on sale!

However, given KW’s heartfelt endorsement of Crocs (but not for walking, just for around-the-house-ing), I may have to give them a try. I keep getting put off by their sheer ungainliness/awkward aesthetics.

Chronicle of a Google Wander


Ohio barn photo turned into stitch pattern…. (Two views.)


It started here: I’m reading Brunonia Barry’s The Lace Reader. I became curious about bobbin lace, the lace Barry refers to, which I’d vaguely heard of, but didn’t know much about. I sought out Wikipedia, not surprisingly.

Then I started musing about the long-ago past, when I did a bit of bargello needlework*. Of course, there’s also a bargello page, too!

Then I started thinking, gee, it’s a natural to have a computer program optimizing needlepoint (etc.) designs.

Of course. A bit more googling, and I even found a free trial version of a program for the Mac, called Stitches. And downloaded it.

Well, I did find a bug or two, but successfully imported a picture and had it allocate colors that could be converted into threads and needlework. Wow! The program says this image is a mere fifty-five colors….

* Proof lies in the four pillows on my couch, presently covered by protective plastic sheeting….