Ahh, denouement?

Lichen bench

I noticed a fluffy ginger cat sprawled atop the neighbor’s red car across the street, alert not sleeping.

Then I saw a black-and-white cat cross my front yard, stopping at the far right to take up a post on a low wall.

Aha, I figured out, they are aware of each other. I went out to watch the soap opera.

I quietly took a seat on the porch.

Soon, fluffy hopped down and I lost track of him (probably a him given the color).

After a bit, black-and-white headed back across our yard, staying amidst the azaleas, protected from cat—and my—eyes. Less than a minute later, fluffy popped up just where black-and-white had been sitting.

Like any soap opera, that’s the installment I witnessed. I didn’t hear any caterwauling or hissing, so I think they must have gone their separate ways….