Two-word phrases

We had several sightings of “fog smoke” signs (no photo) along the highway. Since we experienced bright sunshine, we remain unclear about how to recognize this condition. That was the first two-word phrase of the day.

Rocket garden KSC

Our first stop…this “Rocket Garden,” or so the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex signs described it. I guess they’re all real, and not copies. They kindly broadcast a live “tour” of the garden periodically. We caught part of two of them, both the same voice, one disconcertingly similar to Rachel Maddow’s.

Atlantis pano

This is the Space Shuttle Atlantis, somewhat distorted by the pano process. It is huge, and I was happy that we could see it for real—not a copy, not a mockup. The two words? The business end (terminus?) of the arm (made in Canada and liberally decorated with Canada/maple leaf logos)…is the end effector. That cylindrical thing you see to the far left is the end effector.

Umbilical interface

This stencil is from a lower flank of a space shuttle fuel tank. Self explanatory (another two-word phrase, teeeheee).