Maybe TMI

Arch recovery

Sole, right foot; little toe to left and heel to right. At the photo top, you can ends of the tape strips that cross the incision (put on after sutures were removed), and I was told to keep on to the next appointment (next week).

During my long recuperation from my, ehem, misstep, I expected I would keep up with the weekly flow of New Yorkers. This is the first week I’m actually reading the current issue. One thing that distracts me these days is movement exercises.

My current moves include massaging and fondling my foot—yes, it needs the habituation. Lately, this has loosened large flakes of skin from my arch-sole, which has callus zones still stained yellow-orange by the iodine from surgery. For a while, the old skin kept me from flexing very much—too tight. Now, the skin and inner layers are increasingly willing to allow movement.

This is good!