Sidewalk critter

Snake blue racer maybe

I think this must be a blue racer. Long. Blue. Snake.

Welcome to Georgia

Hostage hosta

Hosta hostage.

Spotlit hydrangea

Spotlit hydrangea.

Unk white flowers

White flowers unknown to me, although I see them frequently.

Hot. Humid. And it’s only late May.

Of course: super-yummy

Brunch home no dot made

So, after yesterday’s main event—the wedding!—the multi-talented bride’s mom made (home·made!*) biscuits and a cheese grits casserole for brunch for drop-in morning-after-the-wedding guests.

Not to be confused with a restaurant with that name. Extra point if you know the name of that dot-in-the-middle-of-the-line character….

Best wishes and congratulations

Wedding cake

Bride’s cake. Yum.

Just married

The couple requested the car be decorated. Yay!

Kids enjoying

Kids having terrific fun. One of the best parts of a wedding, no?

Double meaning


Today was an appetizer…and these are blue cheese-stuffed date with almonds and marinated deviled egg stuffed with hummus. Mmmmmmm. 🥚

Color musings

Blue pH

I looked at this when I took it, and thought it’s that blue-pink pH thing. Then I thought hmmmm what’s pH stand for? I had college chemistry, so, geeze I should have been told this/read it. Okay, WikiPee, what’s it stand for? Turns out there’s no clear answer. Guess that’s why I don’t remember!

Chalk cat

Chalk cat. Not to be confused with a hill figure (Brit.).


Fern bright

I do love ferns. So delicate.

Split box

A fellow was unloading a Sysco truck…is it true that every restaurant needs split box products? Popotes I understand—those are drinking straws in Mexican Spanish, a corruption of the Nahuatl/Aztec word for the plant stem used to make sweeping-brooms.

Realized I didn’t know the Spanish for fern—heh; turns out it’s helecho.


Leaf CU

Doncha love backlighting?

Pole utilities tree

Doncha love a blue sky?

Unexpected science

Anthill in granite

After the rain stops, insects get busy. I think of this as an anthill, but that’s a large passage for a typical ant. Ah, the rain has changed the ants, and now they’re mega-ants! 😃

This was unexpected…you can’t tell, but the reflection on this first-floor wall is from a window in the upper story of the opposite building. I guess the angles work, but on first glance I didn’t intuit that the window-ghost would be projected at a downward angle.

Or, if you prefer Bill Nye science, check out the latest John Oliver….

Rain…brought basil

Rain downed yucca

We had a lot of rain overnight, the kind that can weigh down a yucca bloom-spike. We had rain after I took this this morning, too, but I think it’s over for now.

Magnolia bloom

I was surprised by this white blob above my head, amidst the glistening dark green leaves. Aha! Magnolia!

Basil for dinner

Basil clipped for dinner…then snipped atop pasta with a tomato sauce.

Even found mozzarella di bufala (that is: water buffalo milk, not cow’s, in soft cheese balls) to also add. BTW, the pasta sauce had bison meat in it. And we also added parmesano reggiano—cow’s milk cheese. I wasn’t going for species diversity in our protein sources, but that’s what we got.