Chapel-ing without prayers

Such a pleasure to take a walk in the woods. No blacktop. No zooming vehicles. Just a chipmunk cacophony on the forest floor, and wind susuration overhead.

Quite a festival of fungi on rotting logs and here and there on the…forest floor. The tiny, bright orange spheres were my faves; alas, no photos.

We had what I think of as two options leaving the trail head. We could go the Mosquito way, or we could pick the Chapel route. You can also mix it up, I guess. We selected the Chapel circuit.

Here: Chapel Beach.

Chapel Rock (with the tree growing out of it and the hole; this is only the pinnacle-crown).

The top of Chapel Falls, with the water disappearing down, down, down. I think it’s north-flowing enough that it’s almost always in shadow.

And Chapel Lake. With touches of fall color.