John won!


You didn’t know he was running, didja?

He won the $25 gift bag from TJs.* They loaded up a reusable bag with goodies—all seemed like newer products.

We now have a free way to try Israeli couscous, blackberry tea, citrus-flavored thirst quenching drink, three cheese tomato pasta sauce, a Lumpy-Dumpy bar, flakes of dried ginger, and several other products. Surely, we’ll dig into the microwave popcorn tonight!

Now that wasn’t the total excitement of our trip to TJs—read more as you “flip through” the pictures….

* You get to make an entry in the weekly drawing each time you make a purchase and have your own bags. In contrast, our local Whole Foods gives you a dime refund per bag used.

What day is it?


We figured there were about 200 people in line (including at the voting booths) when we arrived at 9:10 am. Folks were pretty quiet, reading or doing stuff with iPhones. I only heard one person talking on the phone. I love our polling place at the Ponce library; there were discard magazines and books set out for those in line to browse!

It took about an hour to get to the voting booth. Long ballot, with 3 amendments, multiple judge slots (most unopposed), and miscellaneous homestead exemptions (by locale). I went over the summary carefully to make sure the electronic machine (apparently) was registering what I intended. We didn’t walk around to the opposite side of the building to see if the line was longer or shorter when we left.

So, with all the early voting (both absentee and in-person) can we really call this Election Day? Maybe Polls-Close Day? Or Ballot-Counting Day?