Point to me!

Fancy wood stove for parlor lighthouse

I didn’t spend all day in the kitchen, but part of the afternoon, preparing a mini-feast to serve friends—and us—in the evening.

Lost inside my own head, I took no photos. So….

Instead, I offer this fancy, fancy heat-stove among the ca. 1910 furniture assembled in the keeper quarters in the Au Sable Point Lighthouse complex we saw yesterday. The mica (aka isinglass) panels in the front grate are fragile and amazing, enticing a probing finger despite their delicate nature.

I was in a vegetable mood, and one of the dishes I made was a simple butter-braised radish dish. Haven’t made it in a while. Our friends had never had it, and enjoyed it.

We rocked “dessert” with TJs Powerberries—incomparable—have you tried them? My SIL from SD introduced me to them…four high-antioxidant fruit juices concentrated, then somehow molded or injected into the center of dark chocolate spheres.