Yard adjustments

Yard news

Left arrow is difficult for even me to decode, but it’s pointing at our slightly leggy ornamental quince, newly moved to this location (before the rain rain rain storm). Still needs top-dressing. And into the quince’s old spot: a large hemispherical lavender, transplanted from a kindly neighbor’s yard (too much shade).

Right arrow is pointing at soggy-but-still-with-blooms pink-white azalea.

In the first ¶, note the verb “moved.” How did the plant get moved? In short, there was digging and wrestling and two people. Note the verb “digging.” Yes, the first digging since the Foot Thing happened. Felt good, no pain, no strangeness; just strength. Yay! (I was super apprehensive before this….)


Bucket feet

Sometime after midnight the rain started. I figure it rained, sometimes a lot until well after dawn (obscured by rain clouds), then off and on through the morning. This bucket was empty when it got dark last night. I tried a keep-the-phone-safe photo, attempting to use my feet for scale. Hrrumph. Not a big success. So, I headed off on my walk.

Bucket measure

When I returned, I got serious about science and measurement. That’s an honest measurement—almost six inches of rain accumulated in this bucket since last night. That’s a darned lot of rain. Glad we live closer to the hilltop than any valley drainage.

Iris purple

Okay. Flowers from our traffic island. I don’t thank my neighbors who care for this area enough. Or help them…I COULD do that.

Jumping the timeline

Love bunnies

For some in this country, it’s the ham holiday coming up. We cheated and had our ham last week (day after happy day).

Tofu curry coming up

Tonight we went the opposite direction: tofu veggie Thai curry. With a scatter of fresh cilantro and mint on top. Mmmmmm.


Red mini flowers

You might argue that these two offer…

Green feathery greens

…colors for a different holiday than the upcoming one. Still Christian, however.

Public art. Plus.

Decatur red statue

Public art one: red bird, airborne.

Decatur bird statue

White bird: tethered.

I like the red one better; seems “free”er and less contrived. My imagination, perhaps.

Electric moped plate

“License plate” on rental electric moped. The second letter…you’re meant to see “U” not “O.” I see the intent, but it’s an “O” to me. The rest is…tacky. At best.

Hot mess

Ds peony

The Île de la Cité will never be the same. The gargoyles are still coughing (I’m pretty sure).


Wicker waiting

Wicker waiting.

Cupcakes waiting

Cupcakes waiting.

Actually, I did very little waiting. I didn’t partake of the couch, but I did of the cupcakes! I skipped the red velvet, but tried the other two (45 minutes apart). Mmmm.

Yay, Sattuhday


Rooting for Sattuhday night! Watching Atlanta United.

It’s a crazy mixed-up world.

A good day

Yellow iris

Always seems like a triumph to set out to do a list (short, but still) of errands, and to get them all accomplished without any real fuss or delay. Yay!

ABG moments

Frog eyeing frog statue

Ya gotta know that if we go to the BotGarden, we check out the Frog Baby and look for frogs in the pool. Yes, they’re back from winter break; there’s one eyeing a statue frog!

Grooming Goddess pool

And we check out the Goddess. Still waiting for new plant-plugs. This poor fellow is working against the spring waterfall of plant detritus threatening to clog her pools. Keeps him employed!

Pond life

Totally different pond/pool, and different story. Shape and color variation is pure eye-candy. Plant eye-candy, that is.

Super chive head

Okay; floral fun. I don’t know what this is, but I call it super-chive.

Bird watching

Brings a different meaning to the phrase “bird-watching.” [Bird spotted by the Guru.]