I just went out and took this. Perhaps 3/4 open.

And this was the other day, all tightly wrapped in on itself. In sunshine.

While the upper photo was taken before technical sunset, it’s no longer visible here, blocked by houses and trees. The city, you know.


Today’s new vocab: dunkelflaute. However, this is a pink dogwood. Most are white; I recall reading some years ago that the dogwoods are susceptible to a virus and the breeders haven’t come up with a resistant pink dogwood. It seems like that still may be true as there are fewer and fewer pink dogwoods in our neighborhood. And none are young trees. [I admit that’s a very local, spatially biased observation.]

Oh: dunkelflaute (German). It’s usually translated as dark doldrums, or meteorologically: anticyclonic gloom. It’s when renewable energy can’t be generated (e.g., overcast days for solar panels, or still days for wind turbines).


Proof I’m out of practice in taking computational photos…. Beyond being Out Of Focus, it’s busy and not particularly interesting. However, it’s probably slightly better than a cart of weeds and sticks, which I was contemplating using (and neglected to take).

GR = greeniness

I decided today to propose a Green Ratio—an index of how spring-y or autumnal the season is. Today’s GR is high, but not yet 100. Or whatever fits the high end of the scale, or full summer green. Note that the shade of green is still springy, although the leaves are dense enough to make significant shade.


About five hours of rain overnight, sometimes rather hard, brought down these petals, creating a localized carpet. I also found some branchlets of mistletoe (it’s brittle).

Fringetree in full bloom. The petals do hang down, but the rain has made them more vertical than normal.

Another floor is underway on the BeltLine apartment project. Also note that the tops of the high rises are obscured by a cloud layer.

Apologies for the simplistic reporting and wordage; not sure why I’m more lethargic than normal.

Steady, now

So all day yesterday I cycled between knowing it was Thursday and thinking it was Friday. Discombobulating.

Today, I knew it was Friday and didn’t cycle.

Still, I sneezed a big huge sneeze several times. Pollen. A different kind of destabiliz-ment.

Partly hidden

This partly hidden is a flower spike. Perhaps of a yucca…in any case, a pointy leaved plant.

This “hidden” is trickier to spot. Look for four verticle temporary electric connections…for a commercial building project.

We spotted this during a blue-tinted moment on our quick trip to a mall. We’ve gone to a mall (only!) twice since the Descent of Covid, and both times have been Apple missions. Recent b-day dude Mr. Ohio now has a new, fancy, powerful laptop, with a gorgeous screen and four (!!!!) terabytes of storage. Movies, music, video clips? The sky’s the limit!

Smell the flowers

A viburnum. In bloom.

No malicious cyber tools here.

Apparently They may attack the energy grid with malware. They is the GRU, and perhaps additional groups.

First wisteria

I propose marking the progression of spring in increments of when the blooms of a particular species open. Wait: too complicated, too location specific, and too prone to user error [as in: too many people can’t recognize the various flowers].

Blue bells are belles

Repeated patterns can be mesmerizing. Especially if blue or purple colors are involved IMHO.