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Tada! In honor of the most excellent color/layout now dazzling your eyes!

Yes, we’ve got a new look here at Archaeofacts musings! Courtesy JCB, of course! Love it! Especially all those subtle graduations….

And that super-fast KayakWoman* already noticed before I could get this entry posted!

* Probably ’cause she’s frequently online and uses RSS feeds….

Forest mystery


I’m perplexed by this. I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you?

Around the base of this modest-sized tree, and no other in the whole area, all the loose detritus is gone. The clear area extends a bit over a meter away from the trunk, and has no holes or dents or evidence that a heavy weight sat on the cleared area. The edge is even but not overly defined.

This special tree base is near a little-used but still public hiking trail. The spot is unremarkable, and nowhere near a hilltop or other prominence.

I’m thinking human not natural, without a doubt. But I can’t figure out why or what for….

Perhaps to mystify me and other hikers?