Laurel’s floral bounty


Laurel came over, trimming floral specimens as she walked, and then we picked some rhubarb, which isn’t as floral as the lupines and lilacs and jonquils (that are probably something else). They’re just so pretty in her basket that I had to (with the help of a decent Internet connection, which I’ve not had in, what?, two weeks?) make a second post of the day….

Rhubarbing days


The Botanist found this exceptional rhubarb somewhere and planted it here in the Northland, and it is as tasty as it looks. I promise, there’s no food coloring in this sauce—just rhubarb, sugar, and a little water. The red continues through the heart of the stalk most of the way up to the leaf, instead of just at the base, as with other rhubarbs I’ve examined.