Prepare to duck and cover


Rain today, but not so much when I was out earlier compared to what we’re getting now—and it’s supposed to escalate overnight. There’s a line of rainfall over in ‘bama that might deliver 1/2 inch all by itself when it gets here.

So, when I was out for my walk I came up with at least three semi-clever blog entries, but, can I remember them now?

I’ll just observe that I need to practice with the self-portrait-mode on the camera…. And that friends to the north and northwest (and far northwest, too?; haven’t checked the weather way out there…) are getting less clement weather than we are….

UPDATE: Now I remember (one idea, anyway). “Nice weather for ducks,” my dad would have summarized today if he had been walking with me in the park instead of watching snowflakes swirl in southern MI. Well, I did see ducks, but I found it quite interesting that they were standing next to the lake, avoiding being in the water (most of them anyway).