Fine tunes

Chlorophyll frustration leaves

Over in fund-raiser-land, Kris Kristofferson’s younger self “is” singing (l-o-n-g “tape” delay) with Johnny Cash and, perhaps, Willie Nelson. Old times are (sometimes) good times.

Gated lawn

Gate fence shadow

I’m noticing that Mr Sun is spending more time on the away side, and darkness hangs around much longer into the morning hours. The inevitable winter is coming….

Not my story

Dead iPhone cartoon

A random stroll in a hip neighborhood…I came around a corner and this. A dot-blouse.

Clocking time

Strong pink crepe myrtle blossoms

Another thunderstorm is rumbling above, although no rain yet in this spot. Oooops; lightning flash!

So, not only do we have weather, I can report that the crepe myrtles are amidst their blooming phase. Here’s a glorious pink specimen.

Signage, garden fence

Where question

I’m pretty sure there’s a story here. Maybe just a short story…. I’m still working on my version….

Post-Ides of Aug


Word is GoogleeFiber will be turned on soon—sometime in the next two years, maybe? In the meantime, crews are busy threading fiber beneath intersections, and periodically stopping traffic in the meantime.

White ginger blossom

The orange ginger blossoms have been joined by white…and the scent is lovely, right up there with gardenias.

Sky vs sky-in-puddle

Pickets against sky

My photos from this morning’s walk were mostly mundane and uninspired.

Puddle reflection

These two, however, have something going on, both with the sky and quite different.

Arty MaNachur

Leaf symmetry and not

Plants are sculpture.

Eeeeeee sounds

Monkey grass flowers

I think this vegetation is called monkey grass (on the street, as it were). As in monkeeeeeee.

Putti plaque

And here’s a plaque of putti. Plural of putto, from the Latin/Italian, and pronounced putteeeeeee.


Utility disguise

I saw this out of the corner of my eye and had to back up to make sure what I was seeing. Yup, contact paper that looks like a brick wall. I agree with the idea; this is better than a grey metal box, especially for a spot you see near-daily—plus this is a big utility box!

Stump fungi

This stump is losing its battle with the fungi. Their function in the wild is as part of the army of living things that breaks down dead things. I’m no specialist, but I counted five visually different fungi in the process of turning this oak into dust.