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Evening stroll

Fern lake

On a quiet evening, a stroll can be so rewarding. The lake was quiet. [Last night we heard a loon.]

Mom n fawn

But not too quiet. Doe and fawn also out for a stroll….

Peony where ants

And the peonies are beginning to open. Just yesterday they were closed buds.

Lupine field

And the lupine field remains gorgeous. Look at the color variation. I think this year my favorites are the dark purple-blue ones and the bicolor variants.

Quack reference (no ducks)

Basil forest

We began the Plant-the-Enchanted-Basil-Forest-Project in earnest today. We got the plants, three big pots, yesterday. Today, we removed most of the floral flotsam and jetsam that had reoccupied the Botanist’s garden mound. And the quack roots. Many quack roots. Given how dry the soil was (need rain!), I also dumped half the rain-barrel water that’s accumulated since we arrived on the mound, to de-dustify the soil. It’ll wait overnight for completion of prep, then….

Tomorrow we will plant!

Because the plants are so lush, we pruned them back to allow the roots to develop when they get in the Real Earth, and used the “clippings” to make pesto for our (dry) mini-raviolis.

Life is darned good.

Slapped a deer fly, too

Fishing boat on lake

Lake Michigan was quiet (for it) yesterday when we cruised by, and our lake was relatively quiet later today…after rain last night and breeziness mid-day.

Pepper salt shaker birds

And, this evening, plein-air dining…with birdie pepper/salt shakers! And rhubarb spice cake! Yum!

Moving right along

Michigan sauce

Yeah, pure Michigan. Like the idea, but I haven’t yet been willing to put this stuff in my gullet. Not likely to change that opinion, either.

Mayfly visitor

Moving on, yeah, the fish-flies are still here, and this one wanted to be my best friend. Pooooooooof, I exhaled, and it was gone, off to find another sponsor in this hard, hard world.

Lupine best of

Droney captured a lovely, still-sunny moment. Lordy, lordy, the lupine are lovely. We are enjoying them to the n-th degree!

Reuinted tablecloth

And, we reunited with our good friends (sigh; love them!) who have looked after our place through the winter doldrums and captured-and-eliminated many rodents who sought to reside in Our House (aka cottage), against Our Wishes, through the winter quiet. We reoccupied The Cottage without much competition from Rodents or Bats, in great part thanks to the efforts of ukelele-playing Puppet-Woman, whom today we recognized as Saint UPPW….

Mingling and meeting

Wash oak school

We began the day with a few errands, then squeezed in a few minutes in a walk-in historic mill village.

Baby shower

Then things really kicked off, as I attended a luncheon baby shower while the Guru did his own thing. So great to see family again, and even people I’ve met before!


Then we drove a good piece of the infamous 8 Mile Road. Turns out every other business (if not those side-by-side) is a pot dispensary. Some had cute names like Tastebuds and Starbuds. Heh.


Our next social engagement was not quite presided over by this head case. Great fun! Tons of laughs. Droney even made a short run between looming overhead limbs.

Sunset glow

Beneath a glorious sunset glow, we cruised into (yawn) our overnight lodging (yawn).

Happy, happy day!

Word or phrase


The ATL overhead signs perhaps have begun their summer vacation? We weren’t sure; this morning all we saw read “MESSAGE 3.”


Above, the ninth doctor of course refers to the Dr. Who played by Christopher Eccleston, in thirteen episodes broadcast in 2005. This plate requires less decoding.

Stainless china

Is it stainless or china was my first thought. Obviously stainless. And made in China.

Just before iocane powder


“Only the Princess matters.” Line from: The Princess Bride,” in the scene just before the Battle of Wits scene, in which we learned about Australian iocane powder.


Rosy lily

Our lovely neighbors have a super porch, and sometimes we join them for “porch-time.” You may call it cocktail hour.

Tonight was a porch-time evening, and we listened to distant thunder-booms and enjoyed the relative coolness. And the company, of course, especially the company!

Thanks again for the hospitality!

Zoom zoom

Wrecker art

You can never tell what advertising you might encounter on the open road. Here’s a well-logo’d giant wrecker. On the lower right: PERT—Peachtree Environmental Response Team. Huh. Also in green: Certified WRECKMASTER. And we waited alongside this vehicular power house at a mundane red light. Just our modest/tiny sedan.

Sunset piedmont

Later, whew, some gorgeous sky.

Zoom zoom.


GooFi rent

Someone thought this lone, highlightable, benefit might cinch a deal—fast. Turns out maybe the rate’s too high or something else, as this sign has been posted for a while.

Lily blushing

Yeah, and a flower photo. Interesting color. Light plum? Blushing orchid? Rosy something?