Divine intervention

This lovely ’shroom really was this delicate, pale lemon color.

One way to look at it is the gods were watching us this afternoon, and the dark gods removed our DSL connection for a few hours, while the gods of light prodded Apple to agree that they were taking just too darned long to fix the dysfunctional DVD player on our well-loved 12�? laptop—indeed, they said they didn’t know when they’d receive the replacement part, so…John’s magic kicked in, and they offered us a NEW, Intel core DUO, MacBook, black, with built-in iSight and all the other goodies (and including remote control!), whenever jcb showed up at the store.

Of course, he immediately braved rush hour traffic to scoot up to Lenox and nab it—took all of two minutes in the store, he said. That is customer service!

I confess to a few minutes of nostalgia for the old laptop, but I suspect that this one will become a boon companion (of the techno-sort) quite soon….

If you’re expecting me to mention the new date for the latest Neandertals, okay, here’s my take: could be a small relict population in southern Iberia, with the European mainland already cleared of the species and replaced by Early Moderns—that is, if the date is good, just as the good Dr. Finlayson (!) and his team report.