Bookstore foray

As the link mentions, the bookstore is in the former Advance Gloves building….

My bonus for forgetting my passport (which meant I couldn’t travel with JCB to Windsor to do errands, including snagging a case of Tanqueray in a lower proof than available in the US of A for my FIL) was several hours browsing in John King Books, the (almost) original downtown Detroit location. I wandered the first and second floors, skipped the third floor (looked like all fiction), and climbed to the fourth. I had my heavy coat. Ya gotta love a bookstore with limited heating and lights over each aisle that you turn on while you’re there and off when you leave.

I behaved myself and only snagged seven volumes; that’s restraint!

And, no, I didn’t see Jay Leno or Teller in the stacks….